Marine Industry & Transit " MITCO "

Located at Damietta Public Free Zone, within the proximity of Damietta port. The company course of business aims to provide its own facilities for the pupose of processing, sieving, screening, purifying and packing the different dry bulk commodities, such as Silica Sand, Salt, Yellow aSand /Salt mix, Bentonite, Sugar Beet Pulp Pellets, and Grains.


Processing Rock salt that is mainly used for de-icing and industrial purposes, also produce packs of Rock Salt/Sand Mix, for icy land traction. Salt is mainly exported to USA, Canada, and Northern Europe. In addition to rock salt, we also produce Marine salt of edible grade, mainly exported to Africa and Eastern Europe

Silica Sand

We are processing, sieving, screening, purifying and packing the finest quality of Egyptian Silica Sand.

Sugar Beet pulp pellets

Aiming to always processing high quality SBP, which is mainly exported to Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia and Korea.

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- Office No.427 Trivium Business Complex,
North Tessen St., New Cairo City, Egypt.
- Quay No.(5), Damietta Port, Egypt.
- Damietta Public Free Zone, Egypt.
- 43 Upper Grosvenor St., London, England.
NY 11791, USA

Phone Number

Tel-Fax: +20 22 81 35 690
Tel: +20 57 2290 445
Tel: +1 516-460-9006
Fax: +20 57 2290 446

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