Bonded Warehouses & Custom Clearance

Marine Logistic has its own bonded warehouses in Damietta Port. All warehouses are dsigned to store different categories of agricultural grains and other dry bulk commodities, also all warehouses meet all international standards, as per ISO regulations, and are insured against all identified risks. This is an area where the company offers its best with the aim of meeting all customer requirements via its own professional team, where various tasks are carried out, including the stacking process as per the cargo category requirements and making proper use of different equipment.
In addition, we have our in-house custom clerance team where such process is practiced at a competitive rate.
We also promise to minimise all environmental risks and any cargo losses as well as protect the cargo. Such task is achieved through appraising then executing a storing plan for each cargo with the objective of protecting it from all identified environmental risks, such as pollution and contamination.


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- Office No.427 Trivium Business Complex,
North Tessen St., New Cairo City, Egypt.
- Quay No.(5), Damietta Port, Egypt.
- Damietta Public Free Zone, Egypt.
- 34 Queen Anene St., London, England.

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